born rich

Lessons in leading a successful life and career from America’s Prosperity Teacher.

Bob Proctor truly believes we are all God’s highest form of creation, that we
have been blessed with magnificent mental faculties, and that the only thing
missing is what wise King Solomon urged us to develop, and that is our
understanding. We must understand who we are, why we are doing what we are
doing and how to change what we are doing if we are not satisfied with our
results. Proctor is a master at teaching just that.
I am grateful for the invaluable contribution he has made to my life. His
teachings have empowered me to find my purpose and have the courage to
pursue it. I feel incredibly privileged to be his friend, and I am so grateful to be
his business partner at our company, the Proctor Gallagher Institute.
The lessons that you require to achieve any result you want are locked up
between the covers of this book. What he shares is truly the art of living. As you
turn the page imagine that you are walking right into one of Bob Proctor’s

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