Is It Money, Fame, Power, Contentment, Personality, Peace of Mind,
The Thirteen Steps to Riches described in this book offer the
shortest dependable philosophy of individual achievement ever
presented for the benefit of the man or woman who is searching for a
definite goal in life.

IN EVERY chapter of this book, mention has been made of the
moneymaking secret which has made fortunes for more than five
hundred exceedingly wealthy men whom I have carefully analyzed
over a long period of years.
The secret was brought to my attention by Andrew Carnegie, more
than a quarter of a century ago. The canny, lovable old Scotsman
carelessly tossed it into my mind, when I was but a boy. Then he sat
back in his chair, with a merry twinkle in his eyes, and watched
carefully to see if I had brains enough to understand the full
significance of what he had said to me.
When he saw that I had grasped the idea, he asked if I would be
willing to spend twenty years or more, preparing myself to take it to
the world, to men and women who, without the secret, might go
through life as failures. I said I would, and with Mr. Carnegie’s
cooperation, I have kept my promise.
This book contains the secret, after having been put to a practical
test by thousands of people, in almost every walk of life. It was Mr.
Carnegie’s idea that the magic formula, which gave him a
stupendous fortune, ought to be placed within reach of people who
do not have time to investigate how men make money, and it was his
hope that I might test and demonstrate the soundness of the formula
through the experience of men and women in every calling. He
believed the formula should be taught in all public schools and
colleges, and expressed the opinion that if it were properly taught it
would so revolutionize the entire educational system that the time
spent in school could be reduced to less than half.

Millionaire fastlane

Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.

The Road to Wealth Has a Shortcut
There’s a hidden road to wealth and financial freedom, a shortcut of blinding
speed where you can achieve wealth in youthful exuberance over elder entropy.
Yes, you don’t have to settle for mediocrity. You can live rich, retire four decades
early, and live a life that most can’t. Sadly, the shortcut is cleverly camouflaged
from your view. Instead of the shortcut, you’re led down a paralyzing road to
mediocrity—a dulled cornucopia of financial stratagem tailored to the slumber-
ing masses, a legion of mandates that sacrifices your wildest dreams in favor of
numbed expectations.
That road? It’s financial mediocrity, known as “Get Rich Slow,” “The Slowlane,”
or “Wealth in a Wheelchair.” That tedium sounds like this:
Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job, save 10%, invest in
the stock market, max your 401K, slash your credit cards, and clip coupons . . .
then, someday, when you are, oh, 65 years old, you will be rich.
This dictation is a decree to trade life, for life. It’s the long way, and no, it isn’t
scenic. If wealth were an ocean voyage, “Get Rich Slow” would be sailing around
the horn of South America, while the Fastlaner uses the shortcut—the Panama
The Millionaire Fastlane isn’t a static strategy that preaches “go buy real estate,”
“think positively,” or “start a business,” but a complete psychological and math-
ematical formula that cracks the code to wealth and unlocks the gateway to the
shortcut. The Fastlane is a progression of distinctions that gives probability to the
unspeakable: Live richly today while young, and decades before standard norms
of retirement. Yes, you can win a lifetime of freedom and prosperity, and it doesn’t
matter if you’re 18 or 40. What “Get Rich Slow” does in 50 years, the Fastlane
shortcut does in five.

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