T O write a book of theories on ‘‘how the other fellow should
succeed’’ is quite common. But for an author to definitely demon-
strate that his ideas will work, and that he personally can make them work, is

quite rare.
Hence, it is not for the purpose of boasting—but to give you con-
fidence that what you are about to read is practical, workable, proven
philosophy—when we mention the following. As you read this book, you
will feel as though the author was present in the pages. The lessons were not
just written; they were first lived, and then put into print.
The author has sold his way through life so successfully using the
philosophy and methods taught in this book, that he lives in a castle in
Florida, which is one of the famous showplaces of the entire South. From it
he commands not only a rare view of beautiful Lake Dora, but also of the
entire town of fashionable Mount Dora, in the ‘‘Golden Triangle.’’
He is the first to occupy this castle, upon which it is reported the builder
spent about $100,000. It is to be developed into a ‘‘model American
home.’’ It is here that 15 children are to be adopted who will be schooled
in these principles, so that they, too, may sell their way through life
This visible evidence of opulence demonstrates in a definite way that the
author can not only prescribe the ‘‘medicine of success, but that he can
make it work for himself. In a personal letter to his publishers (not intended
for publication), he wrote:
‘‘There is one thing of which you can be sure. Mrs. Hill and I have
whipped life and actually made it pay in terms of complete and continuous
happiness. We have found ‘that something’ which brings peace of mind
and genuine joy in just living. I am astonished at not having discovered our
vast riches before this.

ABILITY to influence people without irritating them is the most
profitable art known to man. The entire first section of this book
has been devoted to an analysis of the accepted principles of psychology,
through which anyone may negotiate with others without friction


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