You were born rich pdf

You Were Born Rich PDF


The Art of Living PDF

The Art of Living PDF

Change Your Paradigm Change Your Life PDF


In this book, Bob will give you the key to freeing yourself from limiting paradigms and to changing your paradigm—that underlying mental programming—to transform your finances, health, career, relationships, and life.


Have you ever wondered why hard work is often not enough to produce the results you’ve been hoping for in your career? Have you been puzzled about why, despite years of setting goals, you continue to fall short of your
targets year after year? Are you curious why, when stressful circumstances happen in society or in your personal life, you find it difficult to control your attitude and emotions while others seem to stay calm, collected, and confident? Traditional personal development advice, such as thinking positively, visualizing what you want, or affirmations, too often feels like rolling a boulder uphill rather than the effortless, exciting, downhill process that you were expecting.

The answer to these common personal development questions lies in a factor that few success or motivational speakers, teachers, or philosophers ever address. This factor, which completely controls your long-term success
or failure, is your paradigm.

In this book, motivational legend and personal development expert, Bob Proctor will present some incredible material that was previous only available to his attendees of his exclusive, sold-out seminars. Here you will
get a master’s level education and learn how to get results in a systematic, consistent, and sustainable way, bypassing the worst effects of success killers like fear of failure, fear of success, procrastination, and the very
worst: self-sabotage.

Bob will show you how to handle it all by spending time working on your paradigm—the one thing that the vast majority of people overlook, but the one that’s the most important.

Just what is a paradigm? As Bob will teach you, at its most basic level, a paradigm is a mental program situated in your subconscious that has almost exclusive control over all your habitual behavior—and almost all of your behavior is habitual.

Paradigms are a multitude of habits passed down from generation to generation, and they manifest themselves in many ways. Paradigms are the way you view yourself, the world, and opportunity. They are how you approach change and challenges. Once you realize that all of your behavior is controlled by paradigms, the way you look at the entire world will change.


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